iVision TV

In our continued effort to offer new products and services to our customers, we are excited to announce the release of our newest service: I-VISION.

At this time, i-VISION is a very basic IPTV video offering, similar to cable TV, but with unlimited potential for a vast amount of services for the future.  This service is delivered to you through Industry I-Net’s Internet \ Broadband connection to your home.

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I-Vision TV

I-Direct DSL

New I-Direct DSL Plan offer Higher Speeds for a Lower Price

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Enhanced Wireless

Turn Your Home into Your Own Private Hotspot Starting at $9.95 a Month  
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I-Net Long Distance

Industry I-Net has a wide range of Long Distance services to meet all your calling needs.
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Basic IPTV video similar to cable TV, delivered through Industry I-Net’s Internet\Broadband.
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Customer Support
979-357-4638 or 1-888-423-5733

Customer support is provided for Internet problems only. Problems associated with the functionality of your computer will not be assisted and should be directed to the manufacturer of your system. 

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